Mixed Mofongo in Cheese Sauce

The Mixed Mofongo is a delicious dish made from fried bananas, cheese sauce and some rich mixed meats, this recipe of Mixed Mofongois very popular in many Food Trucks on the streets of the Dominican Republic, today we will show you each step you must follow to make this delicious dish of Mixed Mofongo in… Continue reading Mixed Mofongo in Cheese Sauce

Mixed Grain Salad Recipe

I know that many of you have heard of Pico de Gallo Sauce, or if they have at some point made this recipe. Well, today we’re going to use it to make a rich Mixed Grain Salad Recipe, we will use different grains such as: Red, black and white beans, corn, chickpea. This Mixed Grain… Continue reading Mixed Grain Salad Recipe

Ginger Tea (Dominican Recipe)

¿How can I make the Ginger Tea recipe? it’s a very common question from our readers, and it’s that this Tea is Traditional Dominican Republic, a christmas tradition these times where the temperature drops and we need to a very hot drink. Ginger Tea it is also part of the tradition of carols and partymakers… Continue reading Ginger Tea (Dominican Recipe)

Creamy Chicken to Fill Snack and Cakes

Creamy Chicken Recipe will be today’s dish, a delicious, creamy and juicy filling of Chicken Breast that can be used to fill in your cakes and snack, or if you’re not able to serve this Creamy chicken as a meat dish in your food. On any day of the week, on our kitchen it may… Continue reading Creamy Chicken to Fill Snack and Cakes